Research & Development (R&D)

Yücel Medical and Textile Products Industry Trade and Limited Company started R & D studies in 2005 with its engineer and chemist staff to produce local Hemostats imported in our country.

The first product called Cliniwax (bone wax), which provides control of bone bleeding, was produced and certified in 2006 and presented to the surgeon's service. In 2008, with Kosgeb - Fatih University support, Clinisponge, which is widely used in surgery as a second product, produced the Sterile Absorbable Hemostatic Gelatin Sponge and certified it.

In 2013, with TUBITAK cooperation and support, the absorbable collagen, Lyocoll, which provides very fast and effective bleeding control, produced Hemostat in its own structure and certified its third product to the service of surgery. Yucel Medical and Textile Products Industry Trade Limited Company, apart from laboratory studies, has succeeded in producing some of the machines used in production with Kosgeb support and R & D activities in accordance with its own products.”