Cliniwax 2,5 g

Bone wax-Cliniwax is a sterile haemostatic material to control of bleeding in bone injuries. Hemostatic effect will be produce mechanically by occlusion of intaosseous vessels during surgical procedures.

Bone wax- Cliniwax is produced from PH Eur beeswax.

Bone wax - Cliniwax is classified as Class II b according to Medical Device Directives 93/42/EEC


  • In orthopedic surgery & traumatology
  • In orthopedic surgery - sternum ve costa
  • In Dental & maxillofacial cerrahi
  • In neurosurgery - trepanation
  • In general and plastic surgery


  • Soft and easy to form
  • Easy to use
  • Double packaged
  • Gamma sterilized